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  • Call us for advice and a FREE quotation:  We can always provide excellent quotations for site clearance services in all London areas.

  • Site Clearance services for W8 | W10 | W14 Postcodes by our Government Licensed Waste Collection service.  Site Clearance is available for offices, houses, businesses, restaurants, schools and building sites and our working drivers clear all the waste for you.  Use this service to recycle goods including: furniture, fixtures and electrical waste(WEEE) and all unrequired items.  Rubbish collected includes redundant electrical equipment, scrap metal, shelving, metal fencing and general builders rubble.  We clear up any mess before leaving.

  • We are licensed carriers and provide a waste transfer note:  All the waste we collect is sorted for recycling - electrical waste is subject to WEEE regulations.  We currently recycle as much as 80% of all the waste we collect.  We are also licensed to carry certain types of less hazardous waste.

SITE CLEARANCE INFORMATION Rubbish Collection W8 | Kensington, W10 | north Kensington and W14 | West Kensington Postcodes


This service is available for builders where our service is cheaper than a skip to remove builders rubble from private premises but is also available for larger projects where perhaps several outbuildings require demolition and complete site clearance - perhaps ready for rebuilding services.

Perhaps you wish to redevelop a plot of land, our services are ideal way to remove accumulated junk swiftly and safely.

Site Clearance
Typical Waste, Timber & Scrap Metal Requiring Site Clearance W8 | W10 | W14

We offer site clearance services for householders and small businesses - ideal for businesses vacating premises and not wishing to take obsolete machinery e.g. printing equipment, plant or any other unrequired items.

Site Clearance includes:
  • Small structures
  • Most Rubbish including Hazardous Waste
  • Trees, bushes and undergrowth - Garden waste
  • Hard standings
  • Contaminated soil
  • Bricks, stones and other unwanted materials


Our service is able to arrange for the removal of wrapped asbestos and packaged chemicals.  If you find that you have either asbestos or chemicals to dispose of when you require site clearance services you will need to contact us with the details of what needs to be collected.

In the case of asbestos:

  • The sizes of each piece of asbestos and the number of pieces to be collected
  • In the case of chemicals we need to know:
  • Type of every chemical to be collected and an estimate of the volume

  • We need to know this information so that we can arrange appropriate waste collection.

    Not only do we collect all your rubbish for recycling, we also offer document destruction, collection of unwanted electical equipment including, washing machines and refigerators, laptops and LCD Screens, mobile phones, unwanted batteries for recycling to WEEE regulations.

    We also provide complete destruction of hard drive data and secure destruction of sensitive documents for the protection of clients' businesses. 


    When you call us, we will want to know the volume and the type of rubbish we are collecting in order that we allocate the right man-power and an appropriately sized collection vehicle(s).  Why not invite us to visit and provide an accurate on-site quote?

    Site clearance will be speedily carried out by our Licensed operatives, including working weekends and Bank holidays to meet your required schedule.


    If you are undertaking building projects in W8 | W10 | W14, our rubbish collection can be used cost effectively to remove builders rubble and waste during and after refurbishments, etc during and at the end of your project.

    Our licensed fleet of collection vehicles help us to recycle a high percentage of rubbish and we are currently achieving up to 80%.

    Recycling is very important to us.  A lot of junk can be salvaged for further use e.g. donated to charity, and recyling electrical goods has a positive effect in reducing carbon emissions in producing new items which has an impact for all of us in maintaining a healthy world environment.

    Duty of Care Compliance

    Advice if you are using client services to dispose or your rubbish.

    When disposing of rubbish you have a legal 'Duty of Care'.  The Duty of Care applies to everyone involved in handling unwanted articles:
    • from the person who produces it... to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it.

    Duty of Care is one of the main ways to combat illegal flytipping.

    Waste Management London supply free waste transfer notes for all waste and rubbish clearance in W8 | W10 | W14 in accordance with The Environment regulations in the UK.


    Our Rubbish Site Clearance is fast, reliable and efficient.  We have great pleasure in satisfying our clients' changing needs and encourage sustainable recycling for the benefit of all communities.
    At our rubbish collection depot we have space and facilities to sort clients' waste clearance and effectively recycle as necessary, so there is need for our clients to separate diffent items for recycling into different categories.


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