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SCRAP METAL COLLECTION & PURCHASE Rubbish Collection W8 | Kensington, W10 | north Kensington and W14 | West Kensington Postcodes

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  • Call us for advice and a FREE quotation:  We can always provide excellent quotations for scrap metal clearance in all | W8 | W10 | W14 Postcodes.

  • Ferrous metals are able to be recycled with steel being one of the most recycled materials in the world. Ferrous metals contain an appreciable percentage of iron and the addition of carbon and other substances creates steel.

  • We purchase and collect non-ferrous metals including lead, copper, brass, mixed brass, gunmetal, rolled aluminium, cast aluminium, lead and scrap batteries, zinc and zinc cuttings.



The most commonly recycled items are containers, cans, automobiles, appliances, and construction materials.  For example, in 2008, more than 97% of structural steel and 106% of automobiles were recycled, comparing the current steel consumption for each industry with the amount of recycled steel being produced (the late 2000s recession and the associated sharp decline in automobile production explains the over-100% calculation).  A typical appliance is about 75% steel by weight and automobiles are about 65% steel and iron.

Metal recycling is one of the largest recycling industries within the UK.


  • Copper and Copper Wire
  • Insulated Copper Cable
  • Brass & Brass cuttings and swarf
  • Mixed Brass including radiators
  • Heavy Brass
  • Gunmetal
  • Old rolled aluminium
  • Clean cast aluminium
  • Aluminium turnings
  • Aluminium foil
  • Lead scrap
  • Batteries
  • Zinc mixed scrap
  • Zinc cuttings
  • 18/8 stainless steel solids

  • Mixed scrap iron and copper


    We offer a complete 'site clearance' service taking away and recycling all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, old electrical appliances, refrigerators, dryers, cookers etc, transformers and obsolete printers and outdated computer equipment - which all have metal casings.

    A FREE check on your current waste collection requirements can provide your company with a cost saving waste disposal system.  And of course we are very often able to provide 'same day' collections, as our trucks are generally in and around London most days of the week.

    Advice if you are using client services to dispose or your rubbish.

    When disposing of rubbish you have a legal 'Duty of Care'.  The Duty of Care applies to everyone involved in handling unwanted articles:
    • from the person who produces it... to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it.

    Duty of Care is one of the main ways to combat illegal flytipping.

    Waste Management London supply free waste transfer notes for all waste and rubbish clearance in London in accordance with The Environment regulations in the UK.


    Our trade waste scrap metal collection services are available for commercial users i.e. builders, tradesmen, landlords, estate agencies for clearance of individual items and bulk for recycling - minimum prices apply - discounts apply to larger quantities of metal waste collected.
    At our rubbish collection depot we have space and facilities to sort clients' scrap metals and effectively recycle as necessary, so there is need for our clients to separate diffent items for recycling into different categories.


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